before (and after)

See Amanda. (happy Amanda before)

See Amanda read email.

See Amanda get upset.

Really upset. (Amanda after)

An email
insinuating that she and others weren't doing their jobs. See Amanda prepare two very long reports. At the end of a really long day. Because of a really stupid request. A report that only shows numbers, job request and updates. A report that doesn't show hours of labor, angry phone calls on others behalf. People who have made Amanda sad.

See Amanda start another work day.

And do it all over again.


Josiah and Amber Rawlings said...

i like your blog. I like that you too get work emails that make you sad. well.. i dont like that you do... but i do too so we share in the same misery. i wish we hung out more....maybe we should come to church. haha. we wont be there this sunday... its josiahs last weekend so we are doing something special. but i will be there all by lonesome the following weeks! miss yall!

Julie and Alberto Robles said...

Ugh! Sounds miserable. I say, Take that job and shove it! to whomever sent the nasty email. At least it's not Michael Scott. I'm your cheering section from afar.