mrs. etter

i am truly blessed. beyond compare. other than that, there isn't much you need to know. 

this is me and my husband. he makes me happy. he makes me laugh. he sings to me. he provides endlessly for me and Owen. and he is the spiritual leader of our family. he is the best band director ever. has the largest band in the city. and the kids love him. he truly is a blessing to everyone who is around him. and he happened to marry ME! 

up until march of last year, i was a career woman. working hard to make my mark in the booming metroplolis of Abilene as a marketing executive. then we became pregnant, and everything came to a hault, and changed. for the better. 

i have a beautiful son, who is the LOVE OF MY LIFE. i am so fortunate to stay at home with him. i don't miss working, and i don't have to miss one minute of Owen's precious life. there isn't much more that i could want. other than more kids. lots, and lots more little etters. 

other than being immursed in my husband's and son's life i teach dance at APAC. i am always doing laundry, because i hate the act of completing laundry. getting my great dane to be quite while Owen is sleeping has become a hobby. and spray painting objects and redecorating my house with items i already own is my favorite thing to do. 

God is my Savior. He is my Rock. He is my Salvation. He is my Aswesome, Awesome God. i give Him thanks for all that is, and all that is to be.