what do you say to this?

Hi, friends! So, my bed was taken away from me a few months ago due to tragic circumstances (I won't go into details). Since then I have been forced to find new sleeping arrangements. Sometimes you need to get creative. I was sleeping on the sleeper sofa for a while. Then mom and dad got some thought in their head that it was for guests and not for me. Ummm, have you seen me. I am huge. I need a bed. Not a couch. And definitely not those measly blankets they throw on the floor for me. I put up with that for a while, but not for long. 

This is what mom found this morning when she woke up. I was forced to sleep in this tiny, itty bitty, little chair! 

I don't reccommend it but I looked cute and scored major sympathy points with mom. I wasn't going to let them get away with the situation that easy. I had to sleep in a chair! COME ON! So, this is what they found when they got home today. 

Let's just say the mess on my nose is nothing compared to the mess in the back yard, the holes in the ground and the number of bones I have buried. 

Now hurry up and buy me a bed! 

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Baby McMinn said...

Romulus I am so sorry you had to sleep in the chair. I think it is time for a new bed I will talk to your mommy and see what I can do. I really think if we get a small enough saddle we can teach Stone to ride on your back.:)