d-e-d dead

One of my many plants that I SOOOO desperately attempted to keep alive through the winter months in now officially d-e-d dead. For two reasons: 

1. I didn't inherit a green thumb from my mom, see. Very tan. Not green at all. 

2. My very ornery dog. 

My plant that I thought was alive (which really, in all actuality probably wasn't). He pulled it out of the pot and ran away with it. Then dumped it so lovingly in the middle of the yard. 

The former home of my dead plant. Still pretty though, isn't it? 

Quickly finding something else to kill and destroy. And yes, I want another dog. 


Baby McMinn said...

I want that flower pot it is great looking!
Romulous is really just bored plus the plant really was dead. Hunter was very destructive until we got Harley and now all they tear up is pillows.

Lovely Lawyer Lady said...

Yea I LOVE that flower pot!!