home improvement al la meander st.

Next week is finally coming upon us. A week my music man and I have looked forward to since... last year. Spring Break! Thank you Mr. "Lets have a break in the middle of the Spring Semester, just because I think it's a great idea." (or whatever you were thinking)

Thank you, thank you, thank you fine person who created this holiday! You are a truly wonderful American citizen. Especially to the educational society - to which both my husband and I belong. More so for Mitchell, though. Everyone needs an extended break from middle schoolers every now and then. Don't you think?

We plan on finishing a few home projects in the Love Shack next week. I am pumped! I must admit, Mitchell sort of has the short end of the stick. This is what he will be enjoying...


(imagine that being said like in that Hefty trash bag commerical, "Stinky, stinky, stinky!" Soooo funny, it gets me every time!

Popcorn ceiling removal in our bedroom! Fun-o! For some reason there is popcorn ceiling only in the back of the house (bedrooms and bathrooms). Mitchell already has 1 room down, 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms to go!

I will have a much more exhilarating task. This is my vision for the main wall in our asparagus green office:

The picture collage. Ahhhh, ode to you Pottery Barn for yes, inspiring me and bringing this beautiful look into my Love Shack. And for showing me a little how-to video. Quite inventive placing the paper on the walls. Yes, I love you PB, I love you. My only wish for our relationship is that my pocket book was large and your prices were - you know in my price range.

Now I have the fun task of finding pictures. I love looking through old pictures! I have stratigically stolen 2 pictures from my mom. Those will look great on my wall, thanks Moonchie!

I will let you know how my project and my music man's finish up next week. Hopefully we will have a nakey waykey ceiling in our bedroom and an almost completed office.

I can see it now!


Becca said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your finished projects!

Baby McMinn said...

Mitchell I will make some more cookies if you want to come scrape at my house. I did this in the last house and it is like scraping boogers off the wall no fun.

Eric and Steph said...

I love reading your blog,,,you are sooo funny! Would love to come and see the LOVE SHACK sometime, I bet it is adorable!

I have a big honey do list for Eric too on Spring Break. Finish the crown molding throughout the whole house, finish painting our bedroom, redo a bench for the front porch..etc. And what is on my list?? Go to Fredericksberg and shop and dine!!! I think I got the better deal somehow.