i am the worst. ever.

The poor Etter Household has had the worst past 2 weeks. Ever!

Mitchell's sister Meredith was in the hospital, but thankfully is now home and recovering (thank you for your prayers). I was so grateful to get time (sick leave) off of work to go into town to help Meredith and take care of my nieces.

All the time though I was sick, with what I thought was allergies. Ickiness still here. Sick now for over a week.

I get home Friday to the BESTEST, most AMAZING homecoming ever. My wonderful, sweet, loving doggie greeted me left and right, and up and down! It was so cute and the funniest thing ever. I have never seen him react like that after I have been gone. Then we snuggled in bed that night.

Yesterday while Mitchell was working his paper and presentation for tonight's class (good luck, Love) Romulus and I decided to go to Rosebud Park to take a walk. I cannot possibly describe to you what joy and jubilation my dogs feels when he knows he is about to take a walk. The heavens open up, and there is his street to stroll on. He gets that excited. I promise.

So, we're pumped. We get in the truck (Romulus in the bed) and we go for a walk at Rosebud. We walk, we have a good time and get back in the truck to head home. Again, Rom in the bed of the truck. As we are leaving Rosebud, Rom sees a dog walking by with its owner. He LOVES other dogs - and he gets excited. Very excited. And he does the unthinkable. He jumps out of the truck. While its moving.

The next series of events was one of the worst of my life. I won't go into details but I called Mitchell bawling. Rom had a huge gash on his leg but was thankfully walking on it. We took him to the emergency vet, had to LEAVE him so they could SEDATE him and stitch him up!!!

No broken bones, but a very sore body and bad gash on his leg. I dropped my dog. I am the worst ever. I almost broke my dog.

To cap off a very bad few weeks, I have a broken doggie at home. Alone. And its all my fault.


Tiffany said...

Girl, it's not your fault that your dog jumped out of the truck. I think every dog does that at one point. Maggie did it when she was about a year old, and she learned her lesson. He's fine, and that's what matters. Your're a great doggie mom. :)

Baby McMinn said...

You did not make him jump out of a moving truck. He chose to jump out but I bet he doesn't try it again. I still think I have a worse story than that. Tell Pom we love him and Stone will come see him soon.