i'm exhausted

Its hard people, I'm just going to tell you. My life isn't as pampered as you would think. I run around all day protecting the house and the yard, barking, eating grass - and keeping myself well maintained and looking this good. All I want at the end of the day is a BIG bowl of kibble, a long walk and to relax. I think I deserve it.

The other day mom got home and we went for a drive to Lowe's. she came back with lots of flowers and soil. Then we proceeded, along with Dad to plant flowers and re-plant flowers all night long. I am pretty sure until past my bed time.

These purple ones are yummy. In case you come to the house, feel free to snack!

Dad was working hard too!

But mom got her flowers, she was happy and apparently dad was too!

All this work and I didn't even get to sleep in the bed with them!

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Becca said...

I love spring flowers! I can't wait to plant mine in a few weeks!