order please

I can't live without, can't go a day without my raw hide bones. Have you had one today? Go out and get one people! Seriously! Soooo, good. Its like enjoying one of those big ol' cows right here in my own home, well done of course. Yeah, it's like that good. 
Mom gave me some bad news today though. I got a great big bag from Moonchie for Christmas and I ate my last one today. You just can't get these babies anywhere. These are organic, free range, raw hide bones. Hey, I want my cows treated well. Alive or in my bowl! 

What am I going to do? You can get these in Abilene, are you kidding me? They were imported all the way from Austin. Do you know how long it would take me to get there? Well, I don't know but I don't have Rom-sized luggage and I obviously don't have raw hides to pack on the road. 
My hippie, tree hugging, yoga loving, shiner drinking, tatoo covered, central Texas friends PLEASE help me. I mean Moonchie! Hook a dog up. Quickly!!! Cause the one I started at 11 am will be done by... 3 pm. We don't have much time!!! 

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Baby McMinn said...

I am thinking this is one really spoiled dog. I am sure a grandparent would send some to her grand pup what do you think? I think it is really cold outside and I really hate it. How many times have you had to clean Rom. feet today?