a tale of 3 bones...

One rubber toy. And one crazy dog.

I have a problem, ok. I hoard bones. And toys. And everything else I can get my teeth on. Is that such a bad thing? I don't see the harm in it?

This is simply a way of stashing my belonging. Everywhere I can possibly can.

Don't get this mistaken for burring them. Why would I want to do that? I don't bury my bones. I stick them half way in the ground. Once it looked like the bone of an arm sticking out of the ground mom said. Hey, I need to know where I left them for next time I need something to chew on.

Bone # 1

Bone # 2

Bone # 3

Toy # 1

Hey, who can blame me? I need something to keep my self occupied all day long? Don't my bones look great in all those holes I created?

And for those of you who were wondering and praying for me, I am doing much better. Thank you for asking my friends. I have 10 stitches in my left back leg. But I can run, move and jump around now just like normal. Dr. Allan says my stitches can come out in 10 more days.

In fact, I am feeling so great I decided to jump on and join mom and dad in bed this morning. Mom mumbled something about a broken rib and punctured lung. Whatever, I am the bruised and broken one here! I need the love and affection. I need to be laying in bed with a comfy down comforter.

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