abigail is famous

Can you believe it? I am serious, she is famous and I know her.

My cousin Abigail Joy was on Good Morning America this morning and I just couldn't believe it. I stared at the TV, pacing around the house and was wondering why she didn't talk to me. Then
I realized...

It was an impostor on the TV that looks exactly like Abbie!

The crazy part of this story, where I finally figured out it wasn't Abbie is when the GMA story started saying these pets were VEGAN PETS! Who would do that to their poor pet. Deprive them of lovely, rich, nutrient filled meat? Those sad, sad pets who will never have the luxury of eating meat, pork, chicken, POT ROAST! (that's what is for dinner tonight, I can't wait. I seriously can smell it cooking in the house now. As we speak)

I know Abbie would never give up meat and neither would I. Whew, I thought Abbie did a 180 on me.

In case you did catch the story on Good Morning America, you can see Abbie here. She is much cuter than those dogs anyway.

Abbie and I will have to talk about this when she gets in on Friday. I am glad she isn't bringing a sack full of veggies for us to eat!


Amber Rawlings said...

oh my gosh... i want that dog!

Julie and Alberto Robles said...

Noopy and Abigail. Famous dogs of the world unite!