billy... i mean bob

When you do not hire someone for a position in your office, do you have to give them a reason?

Probably not. I did though.

And you probably shouldn't call them by the name of the person you did hire when they pick up the phone.

Yea, I did that. All in one 60 second phone call.

I am pretty sure I just crushed "Bob"!

*The actual names in the story have been changed to protect the victims of my stupidity. Well, except for the person who did get the job. They don't think I'm stupid.


Love bugs Mom said...

Forgetfulness during pregnancy...already starting & it only gets worse :) ...the forgetfulness that is. I love you!!

Julie and Alberto Robles said...

Yikes! Oh well, Bob was probably feeling too self-important, and a quick "We don't want you, Felix" kick in the pants is probably what he really needs more than a job anyway. So, good work.