sally was stolen. almost.

Imagine this.

Salvador's (my co-worker) scooter was almost just stolen out of the parking lot. Right behind our building.

A truck just backed into the corner of the lot where Sal's scooter was parked and loaded it into their truck. Which was full of other stolen equipment.

Luckily Scott saw this episode, and Sal RAN out of the office yelling, "Hey, hey, hey!"

Just like that.

I looked out of my window and there was Sal. Pulling his scooter Sally out of that man and woman's truck.

We run outside and the man is pulling away, without his co-thief. She had to run after the truck and get it.

It was the funniest thing I have witness in my life. Except for the whole stolen scooter, thief part. But in the end Salvador prevailed.

I am glad he's quick. If not, he'd be walking home tonight!

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