don't do it

Words associated with pregnancy, that I CANNOT stand:

1. Preggo
2. Pregger
3. Big Mama

When you are pregnant you are not a jar of marinara sauce.

Pregger - I have no response.

Big Mama - leave out the word big people and any words related to being "large" or anything other than cute.


Jennifer T. said...

I HATE the word "preggers." I don't think there's anything worse. When people say it, I think they sound completely ignorant!

Julie and Alberto Robles said...

Don't forget Preggy! Yuck!

I've always felt that women announce that they are "preggy" if they are happy about it; as in, "Guess what, Gladys? I'm preggy!"

But if the baby is an unexpected visitor, "preggers" is the operative word; as in, "I don't know how to tell you this Charles, but I'm preggers."

Both are gross. And I hate the term "bump" as well. I prefer "in-utero mass".