15 weeks

105 days

2,520 minutes

151,200 seconds

That is how long I have been pregnant and growing my little bun in the oven. My little weekly emails from babycenter.com say we can technically tell the sex of the baby by now. In other words, everything is formed and visible.

That got us thinking.

Up until now I was DEAD set on finding out the sex of our baby. There is so much to do, plan, paint, decorate. But what about this...

How neat would it be if we waited. Yes it would be agony, yes 1,000,000 people and their mothers would be asking the sex of the baby, but how cool would it be if the doctor said,"Here's your baby..." Then it would be the ultimate, super, knock-your-socks-off SURPRISE!

I don't know. The decision is not set it stone, but we are thinking and thinking and thing!


Baby McMinn said...

I am thinking no because I might go crazy waiting!
So not fun shopping if you dont know the sex everything would be yellow and green.

Bobby & Katie said...

Ya know what, YOU do what's best and most exciting for YOU and MITCHELL. Besides, if you decide to wait now and change your mind closer to the end, it's not like the Doctors will refuse to tell you.