i do solemnly swear...

To not go out of town, leave Abilene or travel unless absolutely necessary. And by necessary I mean Hawaii. And maybe 4th of July.

But that is it. I mean it!

We have been out of town for 5 of the past 5 weekends. Ok, me only 4 because I didn't go with Mitchell to Six Flags. I pulled the pregnancy card there. But seriously, like 5 weekends in a row.

While fun and adventure filled, it was exhausting at the same time. I think this will go down as the busiest and most traveled summer ever. See for yourself:

DFW: For the Dave Matthews Concert that we didn't go to because of swine flu. But got to visit with family while trapped in NaNa's house during a storm.

Austin/SA: To see my family and for Natalie's medical school graduation.

Arlington: My love went to Six Flags, Ricky and I saw "Up" with the Jennings. I sort of feel bad, but it was Hunter's first movie!

Lubbock: My good, wonderful, beautiful friend Aimee got hitched to her wonderful, cute fireman. They are going to have cute babies :)

San Diego: I had a google conference and my love got to come with me. Although not the most successful trip we spent one entire day watching TV. This is why we don't have a TV in our bedroom.

The result of all these travels? Our dog barely recognizes us, our friends don't think we exist, and I think we are going to have to rejoin the church on Sunday when we finally make it back.


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Baby McMinn said...

I did not think you existed but Mitchell honked at Stone and I early this morning as we got out of the car at work. So I am guessing yall are still alive. Dinner this weekend?