sunny san diego

We are headed to San Diego, CA next week, June 9-14th! I absolutely cannot wait! I have never been to California and don't know when we will ever have another opportunity to go. San Diego here we come! Mitchell and I will be there for a little under a week and I already have so much in store for us to do!

Visit the amazingly beautiful beaches (but I am sure this will be nothing compared to Hawaii. Don't get jealous Kauai)!

Go to Chef Brain Malarky's restaurant in the Gaslamp District. Brian was a contestant on this past season's Top Chef. I love that show!

Go to the fair that starts THAT WEEK!

Oh, and attend the Google Analytics seminar that I am going for in the first place! Work before play! This is another great conference at a great location. These people aren't stupid when they are booking these places. Too bad I couldn't attend the one in Australia or Brazil!

P.S. 39 days until we leave for HAWAII!

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