this is the plan, stan.

I think I am going to start getting into baby mode. Not that I'm not already preparing for the baby - or as much as I can without knowing the sex. But this is it.

A lot of moms have told me, sleep when the baby is sleeping. Or that is the time you can get a lot of your work done. Out of these two options, I like the one that allows room for a nap.

Every day I am going to take time for a nap/rest. On the couch, the bed anywhere I can accomplish nothing. I could technically do that in any room wherever I am, not I couldn't lay around like a bum.

Rest is what mommy's need. Even before that bun is born. Rest and the ability to ask your husband to do something without any slack. Mitchell is already GREAT at that!

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katy said...

I think that's fantastic!! Learn to play the pregnant card now, girlie. And frankly, the good news is, you NEED it! You don't even have to feel guilty about resting or napping or having a chocolate extreme blizzard. :) This is a wonderful time when you can indulge... even if it is just getting some extra shut-eye.