what then bushes?!?!

The bushes in my front yard have plagued me since we moved in a year and half ago. Taunting me with their horribly placed positions in the front yard, and their gangly looks. We removed the first of these bushes about 6 months after we moved in. There were randomly placed bushes along the driveway that didn't even go the length of the driveway, and... we'll I just didn't like them. We transported them to the backyard, but apparently Romulus didn't like them either, so they are dead. As for the others... they sat, and sat, and sat in the front bed. I hated them more each day. 

TODAY as I pulled into the driveway this is what GLORY my eyes saw: 


Hazzard of digging up 3 ugly bushes, when one is over 100 pounds. 


NO BUSHES! See how beautiful my wittle house is? You can actually see my house with those bushes gone! 

Thank you my love and Ricky!!!!!!!

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