Saturday my love and I were walking out of Dillard's and a woman was staring at me. Very obviously. I turned my head after we passed to see what she was looking at. It was me.

Moments later she said, "Your belly is so beautiful. You are so beautiful."

It was single most wonderful, sweetest, beautiful thing a stranger has ever told me. My belly is beautiful. And it is. I cried because I was happy. I cried because of her kind words. And I cried for the beautiful little creation in my belly.

This makes every pound I have gained, and every pound I may not lose worth it.

Because my belly is beautiful. Thank you Dillard's woman.

(me, 26 weeks and 5 days. i will be 27 weeks on monday)

(My view, from the top down.)


Baby McMinn said...

Love it and it is worth every pound. You will forget all about the weight gain when you see Owen's face.
We can not wait for his arrival.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Andrea you don't have any room to talk about weight when pregnant!! But you are right it is worth it all, and Amanda you DO look stunning. Owen looks good on you!!!

PS Andrea lost all her baby weight in like 2 days, it took me about 6 months with each baby so don't be hard on yourself...just enjoy that sweet little boy and your huge boobs!

Jenni said...

You ARE beautiful! Love you!