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31 years ago my parents got hitched in the big town of Canyon, Texas, where they met and fell in love.

I LOVE, LOVE their story. Daddy played football at WT, mom was a year younger and supposed to tutor him. Because you know - football players need tutors. She didn't like him at first, but fell in love with his swing as he walked.

Mom says (until this date) I hated to see your daddy go, but love to watch him leave.

My parents have the most beautiful, passionate, loving relationship I have ever known. Growing up I knew if I could be as half as happy as the are, I would truly be blessed. I have found that love in a man that The Lord brought to me. And I know what it is, because my parents always put their love in Christ and in themselves first. They were and are a Godly display of His love for our family.

Happy Anniversary mom and daddy. We love you!

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katy said...

I LOVE love stories! And don't you LOVE living one out!? It's what every marriage SHOULD look like. :)