lessons from romulus

In the almost two years of being a mommy to a 120 pound great dane named Romulus I have learned many lessons about parenting and becoming a parent.  
  1. Cover your outlets with those stopper things. If not they will be licked like an ice cream cone. 
  2. Don't share your bed. Once you start you or he can never stop sleeping there. 
  3. Don't feed them food they aren't supposed to have because they won't eat there own food. 
  4. Don't leave your personals on the bed, or anywhere else they can reach. Because they will be dragged outside to play tug of war.
  5. If you don't play and walk them everyday, and give a SUFFICIENT amount of attention, they get cranky and tired. Just like me. 
  6. Don't leave brownies on the table, counter or anywhere else for that matter. They will disappear before you get to eat one. 
  7. Unless you want to be slapped, take them outside to use the restroom frequently. 

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