Last night we hosted a NSO family for dessert. We had so much fun with the JAWS family. Everyone was so friendly, and talkative, and grateful. They were the sweetest. Proof that HSU has the best students.

We're sitting in the living room talking, 4 girls went outside to play with Romulus, and one girl who was a bit chihuahua-hyper was sitting looking at my wedding album. She's flipping through the pages, stops, and says, "You were SO skinny."

I looked up at her with a blank look on my face and said, "What?"

"You were so skinny, you know before you got pregnant."

"Well," I said, "I am growing another human being in my body, but thanks... I think."

Yeah, haven't heard that one before.

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Tyler and Shea Moses said...

She totally meant that as a compliment. Having a prego belly is way better than being skinny :) hehe!