fall to pieces

Fall has officially arrived at 918 Meander now that my table is decorated. Its something that I have, my table always has to have a center piece and be decorated. Are you like that, too? Maybe because its just me and Mitchell, and Ricky when he's over, at a 6 person table. That space needs to be filled. 

Here are a few pictures of fall and halloween around our house. 

Halloween cupcakes. They are so cute. 

The table center piece. Mitchell doesn't understand the pumpkins and tree branches. Hey, the branches are the cheapest decorations we've got, they are free! Courtesy the pecan tree in the front yard! 

Romulus, just because he's so darn cute. I think he was posing. He knows when he's about to have his picture taken!

Coffee table

And here are a few pictures of the changes we've made in our bedroom. Its far from complete, but getting there.

I haven't figured out how I am going to decorate the top of this dresser. But this is good for now. 

Pictures courtesy Texas Monthly "Cowboys" issue, frames courtesy Hobby Lobby 50% off sale, and white spray paint. 

Monogrammed decal above the bed. Love it! 

And my hard working man unloading a BED FULL of stone for the house. I like we will line the front flower bed with the stone. You know, once we have front flower beds. 

Ahhhh, he works so hard. 

We have 2 walls  in Owen's room painted. Hopfilly it will be completely painted, minus the sail boat on Sunday. More pictures of that to come. Good news is, I LOVE THE BLUE we picked out!

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