To the newest show in Fox, Glee

I came across you yesterday as I was talking to a co-worker. Took the day to watch your first two episodes online, and now I am hooked. Now I am not really a TV watcher, with the exception of Friends reruns and Top Chef - I just don't revolve my schedule around night time TV. But this might have to change. Come Wednesday night, I have vowed not to miss your third episode. 

I don't know what type of musical shows I watch when I was growing up, but I am sure this is what I'd be watching if I was in high school now. 

Sadly enough you do take me back to my middle and high school days. Those awkward days of tying to fit in, yet the penny loafer and orchestra practices didn't help. I thought I looked so cute in my knee high socks, and sweater vests. They sure do make it look a lot cuter in this show than I am sure I looked. 

Either way, thank you for finding your way into my life. I will see you Wednesdays. 

Penny Loafer lover


Elizabeth said...

I discovered this show too. It takes me back to high school as well. Love it!

Amber Rawlings said...

u need to do a post thats a picture tour of your house with all the thimgs ur doing! especially ur room