just for you, Owen

I think I can say that we are finally done with Owen's room. I am sure there are still a few things to do, and to add, but for the most part it is done! I am so excited, and can't wait to bring home my little man! We have prayed over every part of this room, imagining the day we will bring him home. And that day will be here before we know it !

Here is his bed. I love that little "ugly" monster. I think its cute!

My mom gave us that little horse. It is so cute. His head, ears, and tail move when you press his ears. He even makes horse noises. I know he will love playing on this and pretending to be a cowboy!

I have been sitting in this chair constantly since we received it. Rocking back and forth, just imagining him in my arms. I don't care that those will be nights of little sleep. It is all worth it, because I will be sitting there with Owen!

Soon, a little baby boy will be in this room. I can't wait until he comes!

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