you are my sunshine

Owen is my sunshine. He has a frame in his room that reads this, and every time I see it, I sing to him, how he is my sunshine.

The past five weeks have flown by. But they have been the best five weeks of our lives. We are parents to the most amazing, handsome, unbelievable little blessing. We still stop sometimes, look at each other, and can't believe that Owen is ours. All ours. He makes every day so much better, brighter, and beautiful. Just knowing that we are his parents is the most amazing gift a person could ever receive. A parent to a baby that is all yours.

In the past five weeks I think Owen has received more kisses than any baby ever has. In the history of kisses and babies. He stays awake for the majority of the day. Giving us time to read books, talk, and love on each other even more. From the beginning, Owen has had the sweetest little expressions, and faces. He is so animated and expressive, I can't wait to see what the next five weeks will bring. My favorite face of Owen's is when he puckers his lips, like he's about to give you a kiss. Occasionally it's accompanied by an "uhhh".

Owen loves to grab things. Whether it's my shirt, Mitchell's chest hair, or my neck, he wants to be holding something at all times. I love when he has his now chubby little fingers around my finger or anything he can grab. He is so alert and keen to everything that is going on around him, moving his head around when he hears noises, and following you with his eyes.

Owen is starting to look more and more like his daddy. Big kissable cheeks. Large brown eyes. A little chin. Beautiful lips. And of course all that hair.

What was life like before we had a baby? We can't even remember. You hear parents say that cliche phrase, but it's so true. We must have been boring people, that lead no lives. Because now, our lives are completely surrounded and encompassed by our son!

Before Owen was here, I knew the love that I felt for him would be like no other love that I have felt or given before in my life. But it is so much more. It is bigger, more beautiful, and powerful than everything I have ever know. And all because of this little man that is all mine.

Maybe it's selfish to think, but it is crazy that everything he needs, and wants relies on me. And all me. He needs me for everything, and that is such a blessing. I was afraid that first week I brought him home that he would somehow not know that I was his mommy, and that he wouldn't recognize me. This past week my mom said that isn't possible. He knows you the second you walk in the room.

I think we are secretly waiting on each other when we are apart.

Praise you Lord for this new love, for this blessing, and for this gift. And thank you for the gift of your Son. How great it was to give Him to us, willingly, and without hesitation. I know now the depth of your love for us.

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Alana said...

I admire your love for little Owen and love your Love for the LORD!! Praise you Father for your amazing gifts especially our sweet little boys!!