hello my name is Owen

Hi, there!
This is me and mom looking in the mirror. I LOVE looking at myself in the mirror. I think to myself, who is that good looking baby, and then I notice, HEY, it's me!

Mommy got me this really cool sling that she carries me in, and I get to look out and see everything. Its great. Daddy tried to get in it. Silly daddy, its for me, not you!

We are LOVING the warm weather right now. Mom puts me in these short sleeve onsies, grabs and kisses my legs and arms all day long!

I am talking a lot right now. I can even say my name, "O O O O!" Mom is funny and repeats after me every time I say it!
She makes me smile!


Becca said...

I love your baby Owen! He is just precious! I can't wait til ya'll come this way and I can snuggle and play with him. He has the cutest smile!

shellym said...

I so want to meet Owen in person. He is too adorable for words. I know you are having so much fun spending your days with him and kissing those precious chubby legs.