This is not a happy post. Or a pleasent one. That's because since Thursday night, around 6:15 pm my poor baby has seemed to have developed colic. And every night since then. At the same time.

Number one reason I am upset? There is no fix for colic.

Number two reason I am upset? Don't really know what causes it.


A perfectly happy and content baby that screams for hours upon end, turns deep red, and is crying for no reason. Ugh! Soooooooo not happy. I feel helpless and like the worst mommy in the world.

Anyone else out there have that feeling?

Has this happened to anyone else?

I feel like I am the only one.

And to top it off we are already doing everything on the "to-do" list. We are already trying all we can. And the nurse, with a chuckle says, well there's not much you can do. Sorry.

Sorry my you-know-what. You come look at this little handsome face and tell me there's not much I can do.

Ugh. I don't like you colic or your so called remedies.


Tyler and Shea Moses said...

Oh no! I hate to hear this. It's odd to ear that it might be colic, bc that usually dies down by 3 months or so! I know you ate probably trying every little thing you can, checking off that list... I know that a growth spurt often happens between 11-13 weeks. He was born at the end of nov, right? If I were you I would try Tylenol, and see if that offers him any relief. Check your diet too, and see if you are passing anything too him that might be irritating through. Your breastmilk. Mylicon was always a big help to us too! Sometimes a swing or vibrating bouncy seat can calm the coliky baby. You might even start looking for teeth...we got ours in our 4th month! Do you guys have a consistent routine!? Babies thrive off predictability and tend to have no need to fuss when they are fed and have naps on a schedule each day. We follow babywise and we have had the best results from it. I realize you have probably tried all of the above, bit I wanted to offer encouragement. I know talking with other new moms was the nest thong for me on my hard days (and it still is!!) you are doing great, and he is as presh as he could be!!!! :)

Kit Womble Photography said...

I agree with the previous poster. Start watching for teeth. I swear Konnor started teething when he was 2.5 months old; I have read that it takes up to two months before they actually cut one even though it's bothering them so much. There are also teething tablets that you can get at walmart that are pretty spectacular. I hope whatever it is going on with O that it clears soon! I know EXACTLY what it feels like running low on sleep and energy!