Yesterday was a great day in the Etter household. Mitchell took his top and second band to UIL contest. (btw he is the ONLY middle school band to take two bands, with no help. no, i'm not proud!) He has done great the past 3 years that he has been teaching, but this was the best year yet!

His second band performed first in the morning and made ALL ONES on stage. The first time ever for Mitchell and any of his bands.

His top band made SWEEPSTAKES. The best possible scores they could have gotten on stage and in sight reading.

When I found out he had all one's on stage I started bawling. I hadn't seen him yet, and I didn't know how he had done in sight reading. Then he comes out of the band hall office. Tears in his eyes, I though this could be bad or it could be good. Then he said "Sweepstakes". He hugged and he went to go tell his band. All he said was, "Turn around and look at Mr. Johnson." There comes the Cooper head band director with their BIG trophy, waving it over his head. The kids went wild. Screaming, and yelling, and so happy.

Many bands take their kids to contest and get one's on stage with easy music. Not my husband. He plays hard music. Music that most high school bands play. If you know Mitchell, he does not do anything easy!!!!

Mitchell has come so far with these kids in the short 1 1/2 years that he has been there. Before he was at Clack so many kids had quit band, their numbers were down, and they did not perform well in contest. When Mitchell came a lot of kids rejoined the band. He works those kids so hard, and he is hard on them. Because he know they can perform to their potential.

So many of those kids don't have a role modle, a parent at home to look up to, and Mitchell is that solid support and constant in their lives. They LOVE HIM!!!!!

I wish I would have gotten more pictures. But I was a bit distracted with this good looking guy. He did so great during both concerts. Owen was silent the entire time, just watching the stage and his daddy. I am thinking we have a future musician on our hands!

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