you're dog is beautiful

That is the normal reaction from people when we are walking Romulus around the neighborhood. I am not going to tell you how many months I had to go back to find a picture we had taken of Romulus. Ok, almost 5 months to the day. This was taken the day we became Owen's parents, and no longer loyal owners to this massive beast.

Sometime I forget how big Romulus is. I realized it the other day when I became deathly afraid of a cockerspaniel. Really. Anything small than 75 pounds I can't handle. They are like little mice trying to get me. I was really, really scared.

And on days like this. Where its raining. And its the ONLY time Romulus wants to be outside. Everyother beautiful day he wants to be inside and is deliberately barking at the door to grab my attention. At 130 pounds he doesn't have to work so hard to do that.

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