this is me and my mom. i love it because we were doing something silly. like we always are.

my mom is loud. funny. and sometimes ditzy. just like me.

my mom laughes histerically while getting a pedicure. she makes massive amounts of food at each meal. and even if you're not hungry you eat, because it's so good.

and she can make a 10 course meal out of anything in the fridge and pantry.

she loves sandles and purses. i think she has 40 pairs of pearl earrings. she loves parfume. and is a natural red head.

my mom is everyone else's mom. they call her mom, too.

she is happiest when everyone else is happy. and fed. and all around her.

she is mine and my siblings biggest cheerleader.

the only thing she loves more than her children and husband, is her God. Owen is a close second.

she has a glass of milk every night before she goes to bed. and leaves half of it for her dog to drink.

my mom used to have a mini-van called Princess Fiona.

she gives the best advice. kisses. and back rubs when you have a headache.

i love you, mommy. happy mother's day.

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