i love reality tv.

and our dvr.

it has been the best gifts a mother can have. really. when you're holding your baby and you can't put him down because he's not feeling well. flip on the tube. nap time and the laundry and house are clean. its always a good time for reality tv recordings. (and blogging) 99% of the reality tv i record is on bravo.

if it begins with "the real housewives" i watch it. every week. oh, and tori and dean. her books are next on my "to-read" list.

if you don't watch the real housewives of new jersey you need to. stop what you are doing and re-watch last season and the begining of this online. now. it doesn't get funnier than a woman who drinks wine with a sippy cup close by. big hair. lots of bling. and their family and kids everywhere.

don't think less of me. i watch this trash in leau of the bachelor or dwts. now, sytycd is coming back i will be tunned in to that.

now i am going to go watch my trash tv.

followed by 3 Hail Mary's and 5 Our Fathers.

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