this is my daddy.

i love this picture because sitting on his shoulders was one of our favorite things to do.

and now it's big O's favorite, too.

my dad tells the best jokes. the cornier the better.

and gives even better advice.

he always gave us everthing we ever needed.

not everything we wanted.

my dad loves tools. of any kind. and he never took any class to learn how to make something.

he would just disappear in the garage for a weekend and come back with something he made.

he's never had a new car. just so we could have one.

my dad makes the best migas. in the entire world.

at a concert, or sports games you could hear my daddy whisteling for us a mile away.

he is just like my grandma believing that prayer solves everything. and talking to your Father heals the soul.

not only is he the best father. he's the best grandfather.

i love you, daddy. happy father's day.

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Jenni said...

That is absolutely beautiful Mandy! So amazing to have that relationship! Love you