decisions. decisions.

i want to cook through a cookbook and blog about it. sort of like Julie and Julia. except not that book. and not an everyday challenge.

mitchell works 3 nights a week, leaving only a few nights to cook, and the rest are leftover nights. so the pressure is on to cook a tasty, yummy, delish meal that is unforgettable.

i am thinking about cooking through the Top Chef cookbook from the Bravo series. WHICH WE LOVE.

or Pioneer Woman's. WHO I LOVE.

or, new thought. a little of both. which book do you reccomend? one of the above, or another.


Jules said...

Hey girl! Just found your blog - love this idea! Love hearing about fun things to cook - I saw go for a combo of both! Great seeing you this weekend! :)

Tyler and Shea Moses said...

love this idea! i hope I can steal some of your favorite meal ideas...We are boring eaters around here :) Glad I got to see you this weekend, but wish we could have visited a little more!

Martin and Hillary Hernandez said...

I thought about doing the sane thing!!!! I love The Pioneer Woman's recipes online, haven't seen the book tho. If they are the same or similar, I would do hers!!! Yummy!!!!! I would love to do it with you but just not sure the time I would have with school starting!!! I'm anxious for you!!!! :)