icky sicky

that's right. everyone except mr. etter and romulus have been sick at the etter. that would leave me and Owen. we made TWO trips to the doctors last week, both times for Owen. once because apparently his reflux has returned, and the second for his ear infection/cold/probably allergies/yuckiness.

Owen got sick with the yuckiness starting thursday of last week. i got sick friday. Owen sort of got to feeling better sunday. i got bad on monday. owen got bad again tuesday. i got worse on wednesday. and here we both are on thursday. trying to heal. and O, still didn't feel good today.

if there was an upside to this it was that we had both mine and mitchell's parents here this weekend. SuSu and Docy (mitchell's parents) came in friday through saturday. Docy called me in some medication. bonus that your father in law is a doctor. my parents came in saturday and helped with O, and me, and the house.

hopefully tomorrow brings clearer sinuses, lungs, non-painful ears, and a really good day.


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