cousins. primos. friends!

i am so behind on blogging and what's been going on at our house. two weeks ago Mitchell's mom, SuSu came for a visit and brought Owen's oldest cousin, Maggie!
Mags pushed Owen around in his little red wagon ALL WEEKEND LONG! and he loved it. almost as much as Maggie Mo did.

it was so fun to see Mags a few weeks before she started kindergarden.

i can't believe she's in kindergarden. Owen got Maggie a little gift for school. all Cinderella, princess, and pink school supplies. i think she liked it. she wrote in her pink flower notebook all weekend.

we love you, Maggie. thank you for coming to play with us. we will have to do a special Abilene weekend every year before school starts. (MG & Micah: you can have a special weekend, too when you start school!)

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