prayer request

i have a small prayer request. it may seem silly, but i need some encouragement.

i start teaching dance at APAC tonight, which i am so excited and pumped about. the only thing is that i will have to leave Owen every monday night, for two hours.

now two hours, that's really not a lot of time. and i have left him before with a sitter... twice. and in the nursery at church. but this is a real, leave him kind of thing. and i
am not looking forward to it. and i am feeling guilty.

i know i shouldn't and i know it's not really a big deal, but it is to me.

please say a little prayer for me tonight. at 5 pm. after this first night it will be much easier.

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Daniel and Sena said...

I completely feel your pain! I have the hardest time leaving Addalie; I miss her even when she is napping! I will pray for your heart! Owen is precious!