RX for xanax needed

this little thing. this little piece of heaven is making our dog a nervous wreck. this big old hunk of craziness.

now that O is crawling and all over the place Romulus is a nervous wreck. it wasn't a big deal when O first started crawling because Rom Bomb spent his days outside until literally it was dinner time. but now it's too hot to keep a 130 pound dog outside all day. poor thing. he comes in like he just ran a marathon. in the middle east.

so he and O spend the afternoon's together. and Rom is not sure what to think of it. i thought i was going to have problems with Rom bothering Owen. oh no, it's the other way around. O is seeming to bother Rom. he's wants to climb on his bed. on him. grab his face. tail. anything associated with Rom Bomb.

Rom nervously paces the living room. and has finally found a spot that O doesn't normally go to... yet.

so please, if you have any extra xanax laying around. send it to 918 meander st. i know Rom would be very grateful.

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