ahhh HA!

i found it.

i found out the reason i can't lose weight. (despite of what it looks like, i have been trying)

it's all my mom's fault. sorry, mom.

if my mom wasn't such a great cook, i wouldn't be a great cook. and everyone knows great food isn't... well, let's just say it isn't on anyone's weight loss diet. don't get me wrong, you can eat good food and still lose weight, but you aren't eating great food.

and that is what my mom cooks.

she can find a stick of butter, loaf of bread, some kind of protien, and spices in the kitchen and make a gourmet meal that would make you think she's Paula Deen. minus the mayo. what do we do when we are together as a family. we don't go out to eat. ever. mom cooks. and freezes the leftovers. so we have more yumminess after she's gone.

so, mom. i blame you. cause it's easier to blame you than me.

and i love you and your cooking!

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