feelin' good.

funny stories (involving O of course) from this past week.

dada worked wednesday night, so it was just me and O doing bath duty. after bathing and getting dressed we walked into the living room to say goodnight to Rom, the house, etc. O is waving the entire time, saying bye. once we walk into his bedroom he looks around, waves and says, "bye dada, bye."

his new favorite game is 104 card pick up. invovling two deck of cards. see previous post here. or feed cheerios to the ants game. or feed romulus the tortilla game. anything invovle throwing what he has/can get his hands on. that's his new favorite game.

yesterday we took dada lunch and walked through the office at dada's school. the ladies in the office LOVE SEEING OWEN. no joke. so he flirted with everyone, smiling, blowing kisses, and made this face over and over again:

this face is his favorite thing to do, too. i think he wants to make sure EVERYONE can see his teeth!

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