oh, what a beautiful morning!

the entire Etter household was bright eyed and bushy-tailed at 5:30 am. so we got up and headed outside for a family walk. (Rom included)

what a blessing it was to enjoy the beautiful morning with my boys, bright and early.

and to further bless my day, The Lord brought this devotion to be from my daily devotion book:

"Rivers of living water." John 7:38

a river touches places of which its source knows nothing, and Jesus says if we have received His fullness, however small the visible measure of our lives, out of us will flow the rivers that will bless the uttermost parts of the earth. we have nothing to do with the outflow - "this is the work of God that ye believe..." God rarely allows a soul to see how great a blessing he is.


think of the healing and far-flung rivers nursing themselves in our souls! God has been opening up marvelous truths to our minds, and every point He has opened up is an indication of the wider power of the river He will flow through us. if you believe in Jesus, you will find that God has nourished in you mights torrents of blessing for others.

thank you for those who have been a blessing to me, Father. may i use what you have given me to bless those, and be an outpouring of your love and affection.

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