look mom!

i have been wanting to make one of these pendant thingies forever! i decided i was going to make one for Owen's first birthday (that is coming up in like 1 1/2 months!), but i know i needed some practice first.

i decided to make one for halloween, becuase nothing is more fun than halloween, right?

anyway, i am pretty proud of myself....

i wanted to make it look unfinished and undone so the sides of the triangles are uneven and i left the end of the fabric undone so it will eventually fray.

i know it's not perfect, but i love it.

craftiness. homemaker-ness. and boo-rific.

all in one little creation. woo hoo. GO ME!

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Jamie, Diana, J'Lee and Jaxon said...

I made one for J'Lee's bday too! It turned out okay. I guess I should have been like you and tried ahead of time, but you know I don't work like that! :) I saw your hubby last night!