what is that?

if feel like that is what Owen was just telling me.

i was just on the floor playing with him (i will tell you why i was on the floor in a little bit) hiding the ball under my shirt. sort of like peak a boo, but with the ball and my shirt.

then he just lifts my shirt, throws the ball, and keeps looking at my tummy. and looking and then starts to scratch it. and sort of trys to pick at it. saying, "what is that?"

oh, those? those are stretch marks. they are here just like you are here. they got here right around the time i felt like you were the size you are now, although you were in my tummy. they aren't going anywhere if you try to pick at them or scratch them off. although if they could, i would gladly let you try.

now, as to why i was on the floor. i have not purchased a lot of clothing post baby. although i gained a lot of weight prebaby. and when i mean not a lot of clothing, i could probably count the individual items of clothing i have purchased on one hand. i really want my old clothes back. well, to clarify, i want them back on my body, not just hanging pretty in my closet.

every so often i will pull out my pre-baby big jeans. they weren't my skinny jeans, and they weren't huge on me, but they were big.

well, they are on this bowhinney right now.

i might have been laying on the floor when i zipped them up.

they might not look the same as they did a year and half ago.

BUT THEY ARE ON! and in my book that is all that matters.

the end.

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Baby McMinn said...

I remember the day well that my belly was not swollen so I could get back in my jeans. I just kept telling myself this too shall pass. It is one of the joys of being a mommy and I would do it all over again. Someday.