30 wishes

the year 2011 will bring many wondermous and terrific-ness things for team etter.

what it brings for mrs. etter is birthday number thirty.

i am not sad or dreading this milestone at all. but today i have decided to start my birthday wish list. what has spured this list is a simple black and white picture displayed on the desk top of our computer. this one:

do you see them? they are right there in the outside corners of my eyes.


or what appears to be crowsfeets.

now i take preventative measures and i take care of my skin. moisturize. cleanse. SPF. hats. but this my friends, this is not cool.

so what i am asking for is botox. or a really good eye cream. or fancy cucumbers that will do something about those lines and puffiness.

that's it.

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Baby McMinn said...

Wow O looks so grown up in this pic.