dear santa,

it's me. big O. now that i am officially one year old, i am really officially big O!

this is my wish list for Christmas. although i am sure you know what i want, i thought i would post it on mommy's blog since she isn't looking, and hasn't blogged in a very long time.

1. an iMac. mommy and daddy don't let me play with theirs. i need my own. please. i will take just a key board if you can spare it.

2. sharpie markers. those things are cool. i'm not allowed to play with those either.

3. something to get me into the cabinet in the built-ins where mommy keeps the fancy dishes. i don't care about the other cabinets. i just want into that one. i only want to play with those dishes. so, some kind of tools to open that cabinet.

4. a saddle so i can ride Romulus. mom and dad have joked about this for a while. it's time to make this happen. i am ready.

that's it. thanks santa. can't wait for you to eat the cookies i make for you. and tell the reindeer they will have carrots waiting for them!

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