Jesus loves me

look at his little hands. he is signing Jesus.

every time he wants me to read him this book, he picks it up, gives it to me, and signs Jesus. it melts me EVERY SINGLE TIME. he signs Jesus, and then he grabs his tummy for me. LOVE IT. we don't do sign language, but Jesus is the only thing he signs. so sweet!

he also loves to look at baby Jesus in the nativity scene in the built-in cabinets. he points toward the built-ins, repeats Jesus over and over again, swings open the doors, grabs baby Jesus and puts His whole head in his mouth to give baby Jesus a kiss. we can't walk by the built-in cabinets without going through this routine.

again, melts me every time.

i love that Owen already has a place for Jesus in his heart and a love for Him. and that Jesus is a part of his life every day. if he learns nothing else, Owen has truly learned the greatest lesson of all. thank you, Lord for this little gift. for Your Son. and for the greatest blessing that we have every received, Owen.

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