there's something we need to talk about.

Owen and i have gotten to the point in our relationship where i need to watch what i say around him.

for example: i was just changing a dirty diaper.

when changing a dirty diaper i frequently use the words, "poopie," "diirty," or "schewie." don't laugh. you do it, too. today's word of choice was poopie.

after using the word poopie i hear Owen say poop. i look at him and he says poop again. i ask him, "did you just say, 'poop'? he repeats, "poop. poop. poop. poop. poopie!"

it could have been using a much worse word, but poop is still not what i want to hear coming out of his sweet mouth.

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Kit Womble Photography said...

Hahaha! You'll be begging him to say it when potty training comes around!! Something, ANYTHING, just so that he doesn't do it in his britches!