5 things

here are 5 little snipits about our week.

1. after we let Owen use his hammer to put the nail in the wall and help Dada with all the other nails, he has taken the libery to hammer other items in the house. mainly, hammer the window and hammer the wall with his metal cars. we asked for it. also, his owns 4 toys that came with hammers. who decides these things? oh me when i purchased it! we also let him paint part of the wall and told him all he has to do when he marks to messes up mama's walls is paint over them. now dada just needs to show him where he keeps the paint cans and brushes.

2. this is O and his girlfriend Elizabeth. we couldn't get both of them to look at either camera at the same time. they are TOO CUTE together. at one point in the morning she had his sippy cup of milk and was giving him drinks. she was such a mama, and he was letting her do it. such a man.

3. after this was taken we enjoyed our weekly trip to target, when by time we made it to the check out stand O was covered in a rash. i called the doctor's nurse, next thing you know we are in the office the next morning with a rash from head to toe. turns out the rash wasn't a big deal. he did have an ear infection and it went from ok to worse today. he is very sick in bed tonight. i knew going 1 1/2 months without going to the doctor was too good to be true! i was thinking just the other day, "wow, we haven't been to rob's office in a while. that is nice." nope, think again.

4. O got a little red wagon for Christmas for Grammie and Poppie. (is that how we've decided we're going to spell Poppie?!?!) well, it's not a little red wagon, it's a big red, all terrain wagon and we can't go walking in our BOB stroller anymore. it needs to be the wagon.
can you see why we have to go in the wagon? Pablo the Polar Bear, Lolli the Lion (all the stuffed animals in our house are named like this. come on over and meet them all. i can't remmeber all the names of the girls in my dance classes, but know all 500 names of my son's suffed animals!), sippy cup, bubbles, a bowl full of snacks, a truck, and a hat incase we need it. that's not including mom's phone, garage door opener, and camera. whew, i knew my right arm was sore.

5. i have decided in more realistic resolutions this year, like being a better friend and being better about calling my friends. whether they live in or out of town. i am not a good caller. i just am not - for no good reason at all. i am sorry i am a deadbeat friend!

i totally am getting better about decorating and designing on a budget. and it's WAY MORE fun than just spending whatever i want.

and i took way too long (2 weeks to be exact) to decide on the small packpack from PB verses the Preschool backpack. that will make the 3rd, count them, one, two, three. the 3rd bag i have used with Owen. diaper bag. backpack. now little backpack. stop the madness. luckily for me, they are on sale. cha ching!

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