need it. want it. GOTTA have it.

amigas and friends.

i need reccomendations on new blogs to read. now if i follow your blog and read your blog it's not that i am bored with it or don't want to read it anymore. i just want more and new ones to read.

and not just fashion or decorating or cooking blogs. maybe some photography blogs. or writing blogs. or toddler blogs. or just my friends who have blogs that i don't know about. i want more blogs to read. got it?

can i get your reccomendations.

pahhhhleeze? and thank you!

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SJ said...

First, you can toss my photog blog. I don't even pretend to use it anymore :) I've got a new one that I will hopefully be good at keeping up - http://mokob.blogspot.com/. The only other one I'm starting to get into that you probably would enjoy is reagansblob.com She's a hair stylist and has a blog on hair linked to that one. Hope you find some good ones!