flash back friday

warming up my musical theatre 2/3 class the other day Thriller came on.

please take a moment of silence for the late great MJ.

my girls are upset i didn't have Justin Bieber on my iPod, they really didn't like my other music, but they freaked out over Michael Jackson. you weren't alive when this MJ was around. i was barely alive when Thriller came out. well... not really, but we won't go there.

i am just impressed they have an appreciation for the 80's. or just for MJ. i need to cut them some slack for liking Miley Cyrus and the Biebs. i did listen to NKOB.

i remember when my sister listened to Britney Spears for the first time. i thought her ears would start to bleed.

i also remember dancing to Womanizer a time or two while my first born was still in the womb. or was it Circus. hey, i have an appreciation for all types of music now.

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